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The Boss Deck Playing Cards Unboxing

Bicycle Boss Deck Review


Neverland Card Battles - Sony PSP

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  • Master the power of over 200 very unique summoning cards
  • Head-to-head battles set the stage for intense tactical action
  • Epic story of good vs. evil set in Idea Factory's famed Neverland series
  • Conquer more territory to strengthen your power in battle
  • Build customized decks to match your playing style

Product Description

Card-based RPG action comes to PSP and brings an innovative mix of genres—RPG plus turn-based card battles. With Ad-hoc head-to-head multiplayer mode and card trading, there's tons to do. Wield great powers with over 200 cards at your disposal. Use cards to summon powerful allies such as warriors, wizards, mages, and more. Build defending walls and healing fountains. Boost your army’s strength and speed to gain the advantage. Earn more powerful cards as you complete each boss battle and assemble the ultimate deck. Strategic and unique mana collecting system means battles take place on grids made up of squares. Walk over the squares to collect mana needed to use your cards. Tactfully positioning your armies and collecting mana is critical for each battle. Challenging boss battles mean foes hold unique and powerful decks, and fight in different ways. Learn the different combinations of strengths and weaknesses to combat them to become a true card master. • Advanced Character...

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